Jonathan Benshimol

Salution partnered with social media influencer and life coach Jonathan Benshimol to develop an online platform for his brand "I Want What You Want Hashem," which included a logo design, website development, ecommerce setup, and social media management, resulting in a successful project that exceeded the client's expectations and helped expand his reach and grow his following.


Services Provided

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Website Development, Social Media Management, Ecommerce Setup, Merchandise Design


To create an online platform for Jonathan Benshimol's brand "I Want What You Want Hashem" that showcases his unique approach to personal growth and spiritual connection, while offering visitors the ability to purchase merchandise and follow him on social media channels.

Project Description

Salution partnered with Jonathan Benshimol, a social media influencer and life coach, to develop an online platform for his brand. The platform includes a logo design that reflects his brand's message, a website that showcases his services, an ecommerce setup that allows visitors to purchase merchandise, and a social media management strategy that drives engagement and awareness. The website also displays Jonathan's social media metrics, including video views, followers, and likes, to highlight his growing influence and engagement.


The project was completed successfully, and Salution exceeded the client's expectations. The website has received positive feedback from visitors and has helped Jonathan Benshimol to expand his reach and grow his following. The ecommerce setup has allowed the brand to sell merchandise and generate additional revenue. Salution's social media management strategy has also helped to increase engagement and awareness of the brand across social media channels.


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