WaterFall Capital

Salution provided website design and development, lead generation landing pages, application portals, and mobile optimization services to create a prestigious website for Waterfall Fund that exceeded the client's expectations.



Waterfall Fund is a business investment fund that provides financial investments to medium-sized businesses. They aim to solve three categories of problems: maintaining a business, growing a business, and feeling comfortable in business finances. The objective of the project was to create a prestigious website experience that showcases Waterfall Fund's identity, history, achievements, and statistics, as well as optimizing the client journey from start to finish.

Services Provided

Salution provided a comprehensive range of services to create a high-quality website for Waterfall Fund. The services included:

  • Website design and development
  • Lead generation landing pages for different industries
  • "Why us" page
  • "What we do" page
  • Application portal
  • ISO sign-up portal
  • Inquiry, terms of service, and privacy policy pages
  • Mobile and tablet optimization
  • Search engine optimization


Salution's approach was to collaborate closely with the Waterfall Fund team to understand their objectives and create a website that reflects their brand identity and values. We started with research and sketching to ensure that the design and content of the website were tailored to the target audience. We then developed a custom website that was optimized for lead generation and client journey, making it easy for prospective clients to apply for financial investments through the application portal.


The Waterfall Fund website was completed within the project timeline and exceeded the client's expectations. The website's clean and professional design, along with its easy navigation, made it easier for prospective clients to learn about Waterfall Fund and apply for financial investments. The lead generation landing pages were optimized for different industries, ensuring that the right message was delivered to the right audience. The website is also mobile and tablet optimized, and has search engine optimization for increased visibility.


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